Our Team

With more than 70 years of combined experience, we have the know-how you need.

We are prominent specialists in insurance litigation and have an excellent reputation in our industry.

We are renowned for our expertise in complex and difficult disputes and are also strong negotiators when compromise is needed.

Chris Smith


T: 02 8202 0003 E: chris@smklawyers.com.au

Legal Support Team

Leonora Jackett

Business Manager

T: 02 8202 0013 E: leonora@smklawyers.com.au

Josh Clatworthy

Practice Assistant

T: 02 8202 0012 E: josh@smklawyers.com.au

Jake Squires

Practice Assistant

T: 02 8202 0007 E: jake@smklawyers.com.au

Katie Selenschuk

Practice Assistant

T: 02 8202 0014 E: katie@smklawyers.com.au

Zane Smuts

Junior Practice Assistant

T: 02 8202 0000 E: zane@smklawyers.com.au